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"I lift up my eyes to the mountains— where does my help come from? My help comes from the Lord, the Maker of heaven and earth." —Psalm 121:1-2

Tropical Forest

Heavenly Highlands 
Unique Mountain
Family Farmstay!

Welcome to our unique farmhouse in Costa Rica, where family time and nature come together. Surrounded by stunning views and lush gardens, our rustic home offers the perfect setting for bonding and relaxation. Just a short drive from San Jose, you can enjoy city excursions while still embracing the tranquility of rural life. Take leisurely strolls through our gardens, share moments over a cup of coffee, and reconnect with your loved ones in the heart of nature.


Where Little Ones Rules!

At Heavenly Highlands, kids are super important to us. We see them as the captains of our farm ship, leading us to a future full of fun and learning. We want to give them a great place to grow, play, and explore. Nature gives kids real freedom, letting them have adventures and discover new things. By being close to nature, they learn to care for the environment and the land. This not only makes their childhood special but also helps them grow into people who will protect our planet for the future.

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Life on the Farm

On our farm, everyone loves gathering fresh eggs in the morning. It's a special experience where you can connect with nature up close. As the sun comes up, families and friends gather to collect these golden treasures. It's a simple but meaningful way to feel closer to the natural world and our friendly farm animals, including Kristoff the donkey, Ana and Elsa the goats, and many others. These beloved animals are a part of the experience that children enjoy immensely, making each visit to the farm a memorable adventure.

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Harvesting fruits and vegetables

Picture the joy of walking around our property, where you can pick fruits from our 75 fruit trees and gather fresh vegetables from our garden. Everything we grow is organic, and we always have vegetables available depending on the season. Our chef loves using these fresh, seasonal ingredients in his dishes. Whether it's a crisp apple, a juicy peach, or a bunch of carrots, you'll taste the freshness in every bite.

Melipona Bees

Our farm values the vital role of bees, including our protected stingless bees in the Granadilla fruit tunnel path. These remarkable pollinators are essential not just for the abundant growth of our granadilla fruits, but also for the health of our entire ecosystem. Unlike traditional honeybees, stingless bees are gentle and efficient pollinators, making them ideal for our farm's diverse environment. Our stingless bee houses are strategically placed to optimize pollination, enhancing fruit production and quality. Additionally, these bees contribute to the overall biodiversity, supporting various plant species and other wildlife. By safeguarding their habitat, we ensure a thriving environment, recognizing their crucial role in maintaining the balance of our farm and the health of our planet. Through our commitment to bee conservation, we promote sustainable farming practices that benefit not only our produce but also the broader ecological community.

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Enjoy Quality Time With Family San Jose

Homing Champions

Our messenger pigeons are amazing birds with a cool history. They can fly really fast, up to 90 miles per hour, and find their way home from super far away. These pigeons used to help out in wars, carrying important messages, even in bad weather. Nowadays, they're symbols of peace and still impress us with their abilities. We love having them around, training on our property. They're a big part of our animal family, and watching them fly is always exciting!

Image by Fulvio Ciccolo

In the experiences and services section, you'll discover a range of exclusive offerings tailored to enhance your stay to the fullest. From luxurious dining experiences and relaxing massages to professional photo shoots, Nana support, playdates for the kids, transportation arrangements, personalized fitness coaching, and even a pizza experience, we are dedicated to ensuring that every aspect of your time with us is both convenient and enriching. Our commitment to providing an exceptional stay extends to offering services that cater to every member of your family. Please note that access to these amenities is password-protected and reserved exclusively for our valued guests. We eagerly await the opportunity to surpass your expectations and create unforgettable moments together

*The access password will be provided once your reservation is confirmed

Read what people have to say...

Enjoy Quality Time With Family San Jose


A heartfelt thank you to Bruno and Erica for sharing this heavenly place with us. Our busy minds and souls found rest and recharge here. Special thanks to Ronny, the groundskeeper, who introduced us to the grounds, gardens, and animals—what a pleasure to meet him. The house, a visual delight both inside and out, left a lasting impression, especially the unforgettable bathroom floor tile. This was a very special stay for our family of four, filled with memories we'll cherish forever. Gratitude to the chefs for the delicious, allergy-friendly meal and the relaxing massage in these heavenly surroundings. We will be back, "knocking on heaven's door." Much appreciation, Tina, Rob, Fynn, and Max.

Enjoy Quality Time With Family San Jose


PERFECT BIRTHDAY AT THE PERFECT HOUSE! I can't recommend this place enough. 1. The house itself is amazing. Beautiful interior, perfect decoration, comfortable, it has everything you may need. It's perfectly designed. Every single detail was thoroughly thought through. 2. The property is BEAUTIFUL. Stunning views, well-kept gardens, firepits, etc. And there's lots to do. Ronny makes it great and easy! 3. The beds are super comfy. Everything was neat, clean and organized. 4. We got massages and they were great. 5. Eduardo, the pizza chef, was excellent! Delicious woodfire pizza and nice service. If you're staying here, make sure to enjoy this experience! Don't think twice. Staying at this architectural gem is worth every penny. 10/10.

Enjoy Quality Time With Family San Jose


Sincerely enjoyed every minute at Bruno’s home. We live a busy life in a urban city and it was a nice change to get the family grandparents and all out for a farm stay were there are walkable trails, friendly farm animals and a masterfully crafted home. We had wonderfully crafted meals by Eduardo and were provided with excellent suggestions for our upcoming trip in La Fortuna. We felt at home with the support of Bruno’s excellent staff and couldn’t have asked for anything more on our stay. Bruno also offered excellent suggestions for places to visit. If possible, we’d like to visit all of Bruno’s active listings. I was exceptionally impressed with professionalism and responsiveness.

Mentions & Awards

We're excited to share our awards and features from ArchDaily and the London International Creative Competition with you! They're big names in the architecture world, and what they love about our place is how we've carefully chosen every detail and how our property blends in with its stunning natural surroundings. We think reading these articles will add a little extra magic to your stay with us!

Enjoy Quality Time With Family San Jose
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 Surrounded by the beauty and tranquility of the outdoors, families can bond and create lasting memories away from the hustle

Heavenly Highlands is a family project that truly lives up to its name, a place where God's presence is felt amidst the majestic highlands. Our farm is a unique destination that aims to immerse visitors in nature and provide an authentic, hands-on experience. We offer more than just a place to stay - our guests become a part of our farm life and get to interact with our animals, fruit trees, vegetable gardens, coffee plantations, and much more. We invite you to explore our beautiful surroundings, take scenic hikes, and enjoy the natural beauty that Heavenly Highlands has to offer.

Heavenly Highlands

to our home!

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