Concealer – Your best friend

Make up is supposed to improve your look; however this is not necessarily the case. Although it is true that by following the procedures, make-up work miracles can be made, the reverse is true if the techniques are not followed to the letter. So as to assist you avoid those minutes, this guide will concentrate in regards to applying your make up. I will get into it. Among the common mistakes that women are guilty of entails using colors. It does not matter if you messed up your base your forehead color, blush or lipstick. Fact remains that colors that clash with your skin tone succeed in making you look ridiculous.

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To avoid looking like a clown, always make certain that the makeup you use suits your skin. In regards to applying concealer, the error that women make is trying to camouflage stains or blemishes using a shade of concealer. The concealer for any woman trying to conceal spots should not lighten skin; the spots should be neutralized by it. To put it differently, these imperfections ought to be hidden by using contrasting colors based on the dark spots which will need to be covered. Of course before you can pin point a shade of color you need to endure a game of trial and error. Nobody said beauty comes. The same applies when searching for the best concealer to cover dark circles under the eyes.

Speaking of eyes, many are taking the smoky seem a little too far by applying too much eyeliner. Encircling the eyes serves the goal of drawing attention. The sort of attention that you draw on depends upon you. Picture the following situation; a lady with eyes which reveal whites lining bottom and the top of her eyes. As two black dots are observed the end result is nothing short of funny. The rule here is to draw on a line that the line moving into the lined areas that are thicker will provide the illusion of an eye.

Walking with lipstick is not embarrassing but also annoying. I have to point out that there are no compromises when it comes to lipstick. Every couple of hours do not put it on at all if you think you are not up to the 34, if you want it to best over the counter concealer. Avoid going to bed with your make-up on. To answer your question! There is something wrong with your make up with sleeping. As all of us know our skins are rich in natural oils. They will be effective in clogging up your pores and preventing when these oils are loaded onto cosmetics which have been contaminated by dirt on to your skin.